My Journey thus far…

Richard B. at Ellipsing My Way…to Business school had a great first post about what he had done thus far on his path to MBA, so I thought I would borrow/steal his idea, with a slight little twist.

This is my list:

Decided to pursue a joint MBA/MPH (still debating whether I may sacrfice the MPH for a concentration in health management)

Signed up and completed the first 2 sessions of my MGMAT class-these classes are no joke when it comes to homework. Actually I think the weekly homework is double what I had in high school.

Told my bosses that I am going to apply this year. -They actually checked in with me to make sure I was still applying 🙂 I have awesome bosses

Narrowed down my B-school list-although after each and every B-school fair this list grows again.

Attended Kaplan’s Road to Business School event and a couple of other grad school fairs.

Decided to apply through the Consortium (for the schools on my list who are members)- The Consortium is a great program for those who support increasing the number of underrepresented individuals at b-schools (women, and people of color).

Bought 4 books on the B-school application process-  I’ll list these later along with my review of each.

Bought a paper planner- I figured between all the GMAT homework and B-school information sessions, my usual online calendering wouldn’t be sufficent, therefor I decided to kick-it old school and invest in a paper planner. Even though it is super cute it makes me feel like I am back in college. Which brings me to my last thing…

Enrolled in MacroEconomics- upon review of my transcript I realized how quant-lacking I actually was and decided to sign up for a class to close this deficiency. This maybe wasn’t the best idea as I am also taking the MGMAT class and two together are proving extremely time consuming.

I think that’s it…




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2 responses to “My Journey thus far…

  1. I tried taking a class and a GMAT prep class at the same time as well as working two jobs. I wound up dropping the class becuase I was more focused on my grade showing up on my transcript instead trying to improve my GMAT score. It all blew up in my face. I wound up dropping the class before the deadline of getting a W on the transcript.
    Good luck! I look forward to reading about your journey!

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