Teacher, the dog ate my Quant problems

I am a bad MGMAT student. I have class in approximately 30 minutes and I have about 50 pages of Equations, Inequalities & VICs to read and do the accompanying In-Action problems.  Instead of trying to hurry up and read through the last 50 pages, I decided to write this blog post. Why? Because I paid for the class and I don’t get a grade so I can do whatever I want (insert evil laugh here).

A couple of my co-workers are also studying for their respective grad school exams (GRE & GMAT) and I am always encouraging them to study and complete the problems. Hopefully, they don’t ever read my blog and realize that my study habits are horrible.

For anyone who is considering taking an MGMAT course and hates homework, I would say don’t take the course! Or be ready to get over your hatred really fast  because the next 9 weeks of your life will be dedicated to Inequalites and Critical Reasoning questions (among other things).

I am headed to class now. Hopefully my teacher, who’s name I still don’t know after two sessions, doesn’t cold call tonight (although I know he will). That’s the other thing, if you don’t like being “cold called” don’t take an MGMAT class, although this may just be something that occurs in my class.

That is all.

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