B-School Diversity Weekends

I am really interested in attending the various B-schools Diversity Weekends, or at least applying to attend. However,  the process for some of the schools seems almost b-school app equivalent. Isn’t the purpose of these weekends to find out whether or not the school is a good fit? If that is the case, how am I going to write an application about Why (Insert School name here)? BEFORE I have even visited! Who thinks that they should elimnate the Diversity Weekend application process? This would then give us more time to focus on our ACTUAL applications and studying for the GMAT.

SO, that being said I app boycotting all the Diversity Weekends that require me to answer that question and I may even take those schools off my potential schools list just because they had the audacity to ask me that question.

With that one important note, the Diversity Weekends I am hoping to attend are:

  • Yale (my first choice school)
  • Olin (no application!-AUTOMATIC Acceptance)
  • Emory
  • Wharton
  • Tuck
  • Ross (potentially)

I will keep you guys posted on my Diversity Weekend application progress. Anyone else planning to attend and Diversity Weekends? If so, which ones?

PS. If you know of any schools who just have an AMAZING Diversity Weekend let me know. Like if  a school is known for giving out little puppies as favors  (Bridesmaids) then I will so crash the event. I am not above doing that ya’ll, seriously.


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  1. I’m so late on this one so my opinion is pretty moot. I went to Wharton’s, NYU’s, Cornell’s, and Kellogg’s diversity weekends. Kellogg’s and Cornell’s were awesome. Were you at Wharton this year? We may have met.

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