MBA Applications: Spending dollars to make sense

Today I made a two additional purchases to add to my current stash of MBA materials. I bought:

Clear Admit’s School Selection Guide-Healthcare

Clear Admit and Beat the GMAT Video series: Navigating the MBA Process

Thus far, I have read the Clear Admit’s School Selection Guide and I must say it is has been very informative. Before purchasing it I looked for reviews from other applicants on the Beat the GMAT and GMAT club website. The majority of reviews said all the information found in the guides could be found on the school’s websites. While I agree with this assessment, I feel that the amount of time it would take you to gather the information about each of the schools would be significant. Given my extremely jam-packed schedule with Macro Economics class, MGMAT, applying for schools and trying to do enough work so I don’t get fired, I am willing to spend $29.95 to save a little bit of time.

The format of the guide made it extremely easy for me to browse and extract the facts I needed. I also feel that the details provided will help me write effective Why Us? essays, for each of the schools.  The guide provides information on each schools courses, extracurricular activities (pertaining to health care) and joint degree programs. This is all really great information to have in one place.

I have yet to watch Navigating the MBA Process. It is on my list of things to do tomorrow after I return from my work picnic. I will write a review once I have viewed it. My reason for buying the series was two fold (1) Last night I was up really late debating the merits of hiring a admissions consultant (2) BTG offered a 40% off code for the series. I felt as though the stars aligned and the universe sent me a message that before I shell out $2,800 (the lowest price I could find for an admit counselor) I should give this cheaper option a try. My bet is this video, along with my amazing co-workers who have all generously offered to help me edit my resume and Essays I should be fine.


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  1. I hope that you like the Navigating the MBA Process course! I look forward to reading your review of it. Best of luck to you!

    Eric Bahn
    Founder of Beat The GMAT

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