Damn you “In-action” problems!

This weekend I actually got some GMAT studying done (YAY me). I am preparing for Session 5 of MGMAT, which according to the syllabus means I am suppose to be studying Chapters from my Word Translations, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction Guides. Thus far I have only completed the Word Translations guide because of “In-Action” problems keep holding me back.

For those of you who have not yet used MGMAT to study, there is a set of problems at the end of each chapter called “In-Action” problems, which are designed to test whether or not you really learned the information you just read. Basically they are like the questions that you use to answer at the end of your social studies textbook in high school.

My problem with the “In-Action” problems is that I usually do really well on the first 10 of a 13 question set. Which makes me feel really happy and smart. Then MGMAT in all their wisdom will hit me with 3 questions back to back that I have no idea how to solve.

Really MGMAT, REALLY? Do you want me to have no confidence in myself. Do you want me to be depressed and feel like I am really dumb? Well mission accomplished.

So then I go back and review the Chapter because those last three in-action problems get me trippin’ (yes I said trippin’ there is no other word to describe the phenomenon). The end result being I spent the whole weekend studying and have only completed one lousy guide. Which means I have two more guides (and their in-action problems) to go through. (INSERT SIGH HERE).


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