The Week Ahead

Tomorrow I will be attending my first stand alone admissions reception, hosted by Darden. I am not really considering Darden because of their obsession with the Case Method, but I thought I would go, just to make 100% sure I don’t want to attend the school.
Thursday is Yale’s information reception at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown San Francisco. I am super excited for this one for many reasons (1) As I stated earlier Yale is my first choice school (2) I love the Hyatt Regency. (3) The event is super close to my job so I can just walk over. I am also always happy to learn more about Yale’s program because it feels like the more I know about Yale the more my belief that it is underrated is solidifed. Yale really should be ranked in the top 5!

The only thing I’m not excited about is dressing up. I am Analyst for a VC firm, but for a tech VC firm, so my entire office abides by the tech dress code (jeans and a button down for dudes,  I can’t really explain what this translates to for girls). Having to pull out the skirt, suit jacket and heels does not appeal to me at all. Especially the heels, which are particularly brutal during b-school fairs. YUCK! But I will play THE MAN’s Game until I become powerful enough to change it. 🙂

Will post updates from the Darden session tomorrow.



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3 responses to “The Week Ahead

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  3. Here here on the heels at b-school fairs. Bloody torture!

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