Yale SOM Info Session

On Thursday I attended the Yale SOM info session, it was scheduled to start at 7pm and when they said 7pm they meant it. I arrived at 7:05PM and the admissions presentation was already in full swing. I was late because I headed to the wrong hotel, but thankfully my phone saved me.

The set-up of Yale’s session was very different from Darden’s. The agenda was (1) Yale’s had the Director of Admission speak about the school and the curriculum and (2) Professor Peter K. Schott ( International Economics) gave a sample lecture. Yale’s session wasn’t as social as Darden’s it seemed to be more focused on providing “prospectives” with a thorough overview of the school. However, the crowd was a lot more diverse than the one who attended Darden’s session. I was excited to see other people of color in the audience (including another African-American woman!). Also, the “prospectives” were a lot more “dressed down” than those at Darden session, some folks even came wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Some of the new school information I learned:

  • All first year students take the same core classes (you can’t opt out)
  • Raw Cases-Yale uses “raw cases” which means that you are given pages and pages of information and you have to go through them and decide what you think is important. They contrast this with schools like Harvard, who provide “cooked cases”.
  • Team Teaching-different faculty will often co-teach a class (working together I like it)
  •  Cool class I look forward to taking-Integrated Leadership Perspectives-where students deal with cases from start-ups to large corporations
  • Students can start to take electives the Spring semester of their 1st year

*The thing I am most excited about is that every first year student is allowed to select an alumni mentor who is in the field they would like to go into upon graduating. This  is proof of  Yale’s alumni community, that graduates are willing to donate their time to help current students.


Class Size: 228 students

GMAT: 719

The “sample lecture” was hilarious (oh and of course educational). I loved that Prof. Schott used Star Trek references to illustrate key economic points, he scored major points with me for that.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the lecture wasn’t completely over my head. That is one of my biggest fears, I will get to b-school and understand nothing. Prof. Schott’s lecture provided me with some assurance that there is one class that I will not only be able to follow, but also enjoy. He teaches one of the courses in the core so I look forward (hopefully) to taking his class next year.

It was also really great to run into a guy I had met at the Darden session the other night. That is another tip, make sure you are nice to the other students at the info sessions because it is very likely you will be seeing them again.

Got to get back to studying my MGMAT Reading Comprehension guide.


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  1. Hey there, I’m planning to apply to Yale too! Thanks for the perspective, its always nice to read someone’s view on what you’re interested in,. Yale sounds like a lot of fun, that’s for sure!

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