She is going to business school….

The great thing about my job is my boss fully supports me going to b-school, she has allowed me to take days off to study and has even allowed me to extend a business trip to visit Yale. The bad thing about this, is she tells everyone I am going to b-school (present fact). The truth is I may not get into any school (in which case I would cry my eyes out and then proceed to gorge myself on buttercream cupcakes).

Applying for business school is very different from my undergrad application experience. When I applied for college the thought of not getting in anywhere never crossed my mind. When I applied my scariest thought was being rejected by my top choice school, Brown, which happened. When I received the thin envelope from Brown I did indeed cry my eyes out, but I had 5 other possible (really great) schools to choose from. This time around, I could receive rejection letters from all the 5 schools I apply to. In which case I wouldn’t be going to b-school, I would just be…

My job story is a very interesting one….I was abroad the last semester of my senior year. I returned just as the recession hit and hit hard. So I spent months looking for a job. I finally found one as a consultant at a tech company. It was a temporary position, so after a couple of months I got another job as a contractor at a Foundation, then worked at a non-profit and finally found my way to Angel Investing. In order to get in to b-school I have to clearly convey my career trajectory in 500 words or less. AHH! Now you understand my fears.

Anyways the info sessions are the best part of the application process, when schools have to sell themselves to you. Tonight I am attending the Stanford info session. I have no expectations, except I hope the food is good. It starts at 7pm, I learned my lesson from the Yale Info session, I will be arriving before 7pm just to make sure I don’t miss anything. I will report back tomorrow.


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