I’m Famous and some thoughts…

So I was pretty excited to see I was quoted on the Accepted.com blog, especially because I read their blog religiously. However, I just wanted to clear up one thing.

Todd King, whose articles I have found extremely helpful, got one part of my story wrong when he said, “her opinions—concerned about one school’s “obsession” with its teaching philosophy, “super-excited” about the “underrated” other—seem pretty strong for someone who hasn’t visited those schools”. I have in fact visited Yale SOM, attended the information sessions and sat in on one of the classes. I was also extremely fortunate that one of our really awesome summer interns, was currently studying at the school and took the opportunity to introduce me to some of her friends.

I do, however agree with the point of Todd’s piece. It is absolutely important to visit the school and not just use the information session to be your determining factor. Although, I do think if a school is on your most likely not list a information session would be the best tool to help you decide if they move to the Absolutely Not pile or the maybe.  Let’s be real, at the end of the day business school visits are not only expensive they are also extremely time consuming and no one not even Bill Gates’ children has enough time or money to visit every b-school in existence.

Coincidentally, the last information session I attended for Stanford was a big factor in finally making the decision to take the school off of my list. The session was in the same style of Yale, auditorium, except Stanford had an alumni panel where students talked about their experience at the school. I don’t know about you, but personally I feel you can learn a lot about the school from their alumni (it’s like you can learn a lot a person from the friends they keep). Stanford’s Director of Admissions did a great job selling the school and I especially love the clip he played from Steve Jobs’ convocation address  at the school. Where the presentation lost me was the alumni panel. I connected a little with the alumni when they each told their stories of studying abroad, but then the spark went out and I was lost for the rest of the hour.

I was also  a little (OK a LOT) disappointed by the lack of diversity in the room.  I may have missed someone, but from where I was sitting the Director of Admissions and I were the only African Americans in the whole auditorium. I do understand that b-school is not going to look like an episode of Girlfriends (I miss that show). However, I do expect to have some other folks who reflect the general population of the US (if not the world) in a classroom with me and I am scared that if Stanford can’t attract them to the info session how are they going to get them to apply to the school.

That’s all for today. Will be attending a work fundraiser/dinner, but I am planning on skipping out early to make sure I have some study time.


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