MBA Consultants and GMAT update

I finally bit the bullet and decided to sign-up for a free trial session with an MBA consultant. The first conversation was actually quite useful and allowed me to take some schools of my list that I was pretty unsure of in the first place, and to put a few schools on that I had never really considered.

The best thing that came out of our conversation was the admissions counselors advice to just focus on my GMAT and then worry about the essays and my resume later. That little piece of information allowed me to exhale and actually focus more on studying.

I have been falling behind on studying…I tried to have a bit of a life on Saturday which ate into a portion of my study time. I have realized that I have been avoiding my MGMAT verbal guides. It feels as though the GMAT is a parallel universe because in my real life I am horrible at math and am a rock star at everything verbal. I am a verbal queen. I talk and write too much! But in the GMAT world all things are reverse and I actual understand math concepts and am totally lost my all these verbal tenses I have never heard before. Too help me return to Verbal greatness… I ordered the Sentence Correction bible, which according to AMAZON should be arriving at my house tomorrow. Will let you know if the  Sentence Correction Bible is really the holy book all proclaim it to be.

Tonight is GMAT class, I’ll try not to be late. Then tomorrow is my last info session (until next week) Wharton’s  Women info session.


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