50 points, a Trip and Harvard

The past two weeks have been somewhat intense, but there is a lot of good happening on my path to B-School greatness. First of all I am so excited that my boss’ niece who is also applying for business school will be volunteering at my office. We have already been comparing our b-school application and GMAT notes. It is great to have someone to vent to throughout this process.

GMAT Score

I took my 2nd practice GMAT and increased my overall score by 50 points. Although, I was hoping for a bigger overall increase, 50 points is  definitely  something to be excited about. While I was taking the test it felt as though I was making a lot more mistakes on this practice test then I did on the first one, but I am glad I came up ahead.I actually kept repeating to myself is it possible to get dumber in a month through the course. Hahah, worst way to build my confidence.

The main thing I learned from doing this practice test is that I need to further master the concepts I am learning in my MGMAT course. I think learning a theory only half way (like only partially understanding how to manipulate exponents) can be worse than not knowing how to deal with exponents at all.

I want to re-focus my study efforts so that I see another 50 point increase on my next practice test at the end of the week.

Business School Diversity Weekends

I am going to Harvard’s Prospective Student’s day next week! It will be held October 13-14. The first day is not officially hosted by the University rather it is sponsored by the African-American and Latino Business Associations. I will be staying on campus in the dorms, it is not a 5 star hotel, but at least I won’t have to worry about finding a cab after the events.

I am super excited because it is my first Diversity Weekend! I promise to blog all about it during and after.

National Black MBA Association Conference

I am in Atlanta this week for the National Black MBA Conference. I attended last year’s conference and was amazed by all the amazing people of color at the event. Not to mention the stars (Idris Elba and Trey Songz made an appearance at last year’s conference). I know, I know I don’t have my MBA yet, but there is also a concurrent track that offers information for students who are looking to apply for their MBA.

My goal this week is to still try and get some GMAT study time in, but I am in Atlanta, so I know my overall study time will not be what it usually is for the week. I tried to study my Idioms on my flight this morning, but I kept falling asleep half way through 🙂

Best Purchase Ever: Sentence Correction Bible

This book is Amazing! It should be called Grammar for Dummies! If you are like me and have no idea what a gerund (a verb used as a noun with an -ing form), this book is for you. I know it will help me improve the number of sentence correction questions I am able to answer correctly.

My Big Fat Info Session

Tomorrow I will be attending a joint information session in Atlanta, hosted by Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Yale, NYU, and UC Berkeley. Since this event is super close to where I am staying I thought I would just hop on over and see what further information I can learn about these schools and hopefully meet some more alumni.

Lots to post about this week. Stay tuned.


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