Things not to do before the GMAT…

Just sat for my first official GMAT and I must say it went horribly, but every setback is a learning experience. Here is what I learned:

Three out of state trips in the two weeks leading up to the GMAT not a good idea
Lots of Tequilla the weekend before the GMAT really bad idea, esp for me, because I don’t usually drink
An out of town wedding the weekend before the GMAT where hot french guys will pressure you to drink more alcohol than you ever have before and stay up to 3 in the morning, may be fun, but a really really bad idea.
Bringing along MGMAT on road trips=good idea
Not actually opening them=bad idea
Telling lots of people about your test day= really bad idea when you do really bad

I am going to call this test a $300 practice (I paid an additional $50 to change my test date). Will take it again in December hopefully under a lot better more sane circumstances.


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