Trying to be perfect, but failing kinda hard

Brief nostalgic story: As a child I read the book Matilda, where main character (Matilda)  is really smart, but her family doesn’t appreciate her intelligence and her school is horrible, so instead of learning the normal way she vows to read every book at her local library and she succeeds.  Inspired by Matilda and not realizing at the time how impossible this task was, I too vowed to  read every book in my school library and spent all my recesses, and lunchtimes in the library at school . On the bus home from school I would read, at the dinner table I would read and instead of doing my homework I would read. Unfortunately, I did not succeed in my goal  and actually almost failed 2nd grade in the process (because of not doing my homework). For a long time (a couple of months, which is a long time for a little kid) I was disappointed in my failed attempt and didn’t really realize how much I had actually accomplished on my journey.  I had read at least a 100 books and learned about all sorts of things, such as how to take care of your hamster and the various species of butterfly that live in North America. I tested at the 5th grade reading level, which my teacher’s thought was amazing and I became a master at spelling, a skill which I unfortunately no longer posses.

Today after being tutored in GMAT math by one of my amazingly brilliant co-workers, who is also  an awesome tutor  happens to run an online tutoring company (it pays to be connected:) ) I again felt like the little second grader on that endless mission towards a goal which is impossible to reach. I thought to myself, no matter how much I study all the MGMAT books, watch all the Magoosh videos (which are great by the way) I will never be as smart as folks like my co-worker or even my MGMAT instructor and for a second had a moment of self-pity. Then I realized that the purpose of studying for the GMAT or any other attempt in life, is not to achieve someone else’s goal, rather it is to be the best you that you can possibly be, which sounds really corny, but I feel that it is really true.

With that said I am going to get back to studying in the aim of not only kicking the GMAT’s butt, but also suprising myself on how truly intelligent I really am. 🙂



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