Business School Extravaganza

I haven’t posted for a while, that’s what happens when life takes over.
Couple of updates:
Received the official copy or my GMAT score which showed my score for writing (91%). It also showed the schools I had chosen to send the report to…so its funny my school choices have changed since I took the test. Good thing I’m testing again.
I have planned the bigges

t and best tour of

East Coast business schools, a tour I have nicknamed my Business School Extrava

ganza. I will post the exact tour details once I’m in front of a proper computer. I am so excited for this trip and hope that it will (a) help me gather some really great information for my essays and (b) help me eliminate some schools from my list.
I am currently using the Beat the GMAT 60 day study guide. I like that it emails me each morning and tells me what to study that day. Sometimes I like people telling me what to do. šŸ™‚ I am also using Magoosh an online test prep company that is AMaZing if anyone is interested I will write a review on my Magoosh experience.
I have paid for what will hopefully be my last GMAT ever. It is for sometime in December, but I am not revealing the date because the pressure of everyone knowing is more stress than I need.
So that’s my life how is yours?


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