The Final Application List

Now that the school visits are done I have managed to narrow down my school list considerably. So without further adew… in no particular order I will be applying to:





-Washington University in St. Louis


For four of the schools (Tuck, Yale, Washington U, Emory) I will be applying through the Consortium, so my hope is that I save some time in the essay writing process and also save money in terms of application fees.

This whole business school process has been way more intense then I could have ever imagined. I am very happy that I took my Business School Extravaganza trip and went to see all my potential schools. I can now write clearly about why I want to attend each of the institutions and why I think I would be a good fit at each of them. The trip also really help cement the fact that I want to go to business school, I really loved the time I spent in the classrooms the discussions with the current students and other applicants. I can see myself at business school, now hopefully the feeling is mutual with at least one school. I also became really good at trip planning, so if this whole MBA thing doesn’t work out I think I am going to go into business as an MBA tour guide.

I have started writing my essays, but after I take the GMAT one last time and finish my MacroEcon final I will devote my whole heart and soul into the process. I don’t worry about writing about myself, I now have a clear idea about why I want an MBA and what I hope to accomplish with the degree. Plus, thankfully words have always come easy to me, I feel the only essay writing difficulty will be making sure I stay within the word limits 🙂


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  1. Heads up, that word limit thing is a lot harder than it first seems. It gave me fits and continues to do so. Piece of advice: if the paragraph still holds its meaning without a certain sentence, kill that sentence. You’ve got limited real estate so every word needs to be working for you.

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