Recommendation Information

As I mentioned in previous post I was very fortunate that my recommendors  approached me to ask for information about writing my letters of recommendation and not the other way around. In order to aid them in the process I put together a information packet (adapted from a template one of my friends who is using a consultant was kind enough to let me borrow). In the packet I made sure to include:

  1. Why I want an MBA?
  2. What I plan to do after I receive my degree.
  3. Key projects I had worked on during my time at the company.
  4. Schools I am applying to
  5. How each school would contact them
  6. Updated Resume

Also, since I am applying through the consortium I made sure to include a brief paragraph on what the Consortium is and why I am applying through the program. In the letter I wrote them I made sure that my personality shined through. I am fortunate that these individuals know me really well which means they are also very familiar with my sense of humor and it would be so unlike me if I didn’t include a joke or two in my letter to them about the joys of the application process.

I’m pretty sure all of them will get the recommendation in on time, especially one of my supervisors who is always amazingly  punctual, but I’ll be sure to give a little reminder a week out just to make sure.

Now the hardest process will be deciding what to buy for thank you gifts. Maybe I will take a cue from my summer interns and have trees planted in their name 🙂


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