Calculus and Carebears

For the most part I loved my high school experience, I had amazing teachers many of whom I’m still friends with. However, the one thing that went wrong was my math classes. My high school believed in the Care Bear approach to teaching…teaching wasn’t just the job of the teachers, but also your fellowt  students. So when I didn’t understand why ax=2 in Algebra I, I had to ask each and everyone of my group members before I was allowed to ask my teacher. Finally when I could ask the teacher the answer they would give me left me more confused than ever. This method of teaching made me Hate Math! So much so that I took a test to pass out of math in college so I would never have to take it again.

The bad news: most b schools require that I complete a college level calculus course before being admitted. Which means back to math class for me. Finding a math class that fit into my math class was a big challenge, finding one with space was a bigger challenge and finally a professor who I could understand was impossible so I didn’t even try. All this to say that I am stuck in a Calculus class with a Professor who is hilarious, but unclear. All because my high school wanted to teach math the new age way.


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