Update on the WAIT…

Sorry it has been far too long, but life happens.

Cheetarah1980 and others have asked for updates and since I started this journey with you all I feel it is only right to finish it.

Here is what has happened since I’ve been gone…

 Still Waiting for Duke

I am still on the waitlist at Fuqua. I thought applying for business school was stressful. Being on the waitlist is like 10x more stressful. I don’t know if I should start planning to be a student next year at a school or plan to be a re-applicant. My hope is that it is the first one rather than a last one. I think I realize more and more that Duke is where I really want to be. The culture of the school appeals to me the more I hear people talk about it. Also I am not a fan of cold weather so not being on the East Coast is also a big plus in Duke’s favor!

I’m also still waiting on YALE

Yale is worse because I was waitlisted without an interview so it is a pretty high chance that I will be denied, unless they come and interview me. I am thankful that all my Yale SOM friends helped me through this process. I think I have a Yale SOM mafia supporting my business school efforts. The great thing about the school is that people really seem to support one another and there is definitely a community. I was welcomed into the community and I don’t even go to the school. I would love to be an official part of the school, so the admissions people should just let me in already.

I was accepted to one other school, but don’t know if I will take it. After much consideration I realized that the school may not be as great a fit as I originally thought and being on the waitlist makes you reconsider things…like I would be mad if someone who got into Duke went even though that is not where they really wanted to be. So I don’t want to be that person.

So it looks like I may be a re-applicant. If this is the case I would apply early decision wherever possible and first round everywhere else. I definitely couldn’t wait another year to figure out what I am going to do with my life. The only benefit of this is that I might be eligible for some MONEY the next time around.

In non-MBA news work has been hectic. We are gearing up for summer which means lots of working until 11pm nights. I am also in the process of finishing a class at the community college near my house, all of this equals no time for myself and especially no time to BLOG.

So I decided to stop complaining and take a trip! I am super excited. I am going to spend two weeks away from work and away from the cares and worries of business school. Who knows maybe when I get back from my trip I will know what I am doing in the fall. One could only hope.


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  1. Best of luck with Fuqua and Yale. Hopefully one of them will convert to an admit. Many people have been in your position and thought that they would be reapplying, only to get the call in June/July. Don’t give up quite yet.

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