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Congrats on Ross and Consortium admit

Two posts in one day!

I just want to say Congrats to my friend M. who found out a little while ago that she got into both the consortium and Ross. She worked super hard and was so deserving. Hopefully she will share some of the scoop from Consortium Orientation Program (OP) with me since I won’t have the chance to participate. Congrats M.


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Complete Overview of the Consortium MAPS (Atlanta)

Hello here are the notes from the Consortium MAPS Atlanta event. Sorry for the delay, but as you can see the notes are pretty lengthy, so it took a while to type everything. The titles in Bold are the various parts of the agenda.

Quick overview: The event went from 8:30-2:00pm and included a lunch with School reps (Admissions Officers and Alumni)

Consortium MBA Application Preparation Seminar 2011 (MAPS)

9:00a.m-9:30a.m. Consortium Presentation

Consortium Stats: 600 current students

Applying through the Consortium

  • Take the GMAT by December 20, 2011 for 2nd  consortium deadline, January 4, 2012
  • Consortium decisions are released Mid-March
  • GMAT Code 9X4-6J-59

Consortium Membership Questions

  • Member schools do not see your “commitment to the consortium mission essay” or your letter of recommendation asking about your commitment to the consortium mission
  • You can only receive one Consortium Fellowship Offer, however other member schools can offer you aid, they just cannot call it a Consortium Fellowship
  • You have to apply to all schools during the same round (you can’t apply to two Consortium schools first round and then another 4 second round)

 Benefits of Consortium Membership

  • 4 Day Orientation Program (OP)- helps students understand that everyone has a personal bias, and how that plays out in the classroom
  • Chance to meet with recruiters in a small settings
  • Helps with interview skills
  • Possible to leave  OP with job offers even before you start b-school
  • Great opportunity to build relationships with students from other b-schools


  • Schools can only see rankings during the fellowship decision*

*I understand why there is so much confusion around whether or not schools can see your rankings when they are making admissions decisions. At MAPS the Director of the Consortium said that schools can only see rankings during fellowship decisions however one Admissions Officer said during a panel that they can see it during admissions decisions as well. SO it is your choice who you wish to believe.

Essay on Supporting  the Consortium Mission

The essay should address how you have supported the Consortium’s 3 main groups (African-Americans, Latinos and Native Americans)? You can write about volunteer work related to helping the URMs or other things.

 9:30a.m-11:00a.m Breaking Down the MBA Application: Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics

Undergraduate Record

  • GPA-is more than just a number.
  • There is a thorough review of what classes you decided to take, your major as well as the difficulty of your institution.
  • Trends in your grades
  • If you know there are gaps in your Quant profile, be sure to take and complete Quant classes before you hit submit on your application


  • You want to be at least in the average percentiles for your target schools, if not above average

 Professional Work Experience

Admissions Officers ask the following questions when looking at your application:

  • What is his/her quality of work experience?
  • Have you experienced growth in your job since you started?
  • How long have you worked? What have you done for your organization?

If you are using the MBA as a means to switch careers, then highlight the skills in your current career that you feel will be most applicable in your future career. Also show how or what motivated you to want to enter a new industry.

Format of the Resume

  • Brag sheet
  • Format should be very clear, this is not the time to show your artistic talents
  • Don’t use industry jargon
  • No need for an objective-since your objective in this case is to attend B-School
  • Feel free to explain briefly what your organization does if it is not well known


  • Give yourself enough time to think through the questions
  • The essay is an opportunity for you to tell your personal story
  • Be sure to be cohesive and coherent about why you want to get an MBA
  • Get other people to proofread
  • Use the optional essay to explain any gaps in your work history (periods of 3 months or more is considered a gap), any GPA issues, etc..
  • Give your essay to other people without the prompt to see if they can figure out what question you are trying to answer. If they can’t you didn’t answer the question!


  • You should find ways to show how you demonstrated leadership in every part of your application

Letters of Recommendation

Are used to determine how you have taken initiative in your current position

  • 2 professional letters of recommendation
  • How have you developed in the time your supervisor has known you
  • Make sure the individuals writing your recommendations enough time to submit


Begins the moment you walk out the door. Be careful what you say and how you treat people on your way to the interview and after you finish. Staff members and students often report back positive and negative experiences to the admissions staff.

Each category of interviewer is looking for something different during the interview process:

Admissions Officer:

  • Are you going to be a good fit for the program?
  • Have you researched the program?


  • Are you someone that will fit in?


  • Are you going to be able to perform well during recruiting? i.e. do you interview well

Steps you should take to prepare for the interview:

  • Speak with the alumni and current students
  •  Speak to students who share the same affinity with you (African-American, Latino, Native)
  • Create a priority list- segment what is a nice to have/need to have in your dream school

Other Advice

  • You should have one school (safety) where you fit with their average GMAT and test scores  AND that you would be willing to go to if you got in
  • Once you receive your acceptance letters you should create another list with your new priorities
  • Don’t stalk admissions officers
  • Let the relationship happen organically
  • When you are emailing admissions officers to ask a questions-less is more.
  • If you have lots of questions about the program seek out other resources besides the AOs
  • Don’t add AO’s on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Use good judgement in every step of the application process

11:15a.m-12:00p.m. Alumni Panel

12:00p.m.-1:00p.m.-Lunch With School Representatives and Alumni

Out of the 17 Consortium member schools I believe 11 of the schools had tables at the event.

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