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Update on the WAIT…

Sorry it has been far too long, but life happens.

Cheetarah1980 and others have asked for updates and since I started this journey with you all I feel it is only right to finish it.

Here is what has happened since I’ve been gone…

 Still Waiting for Duke

I am still on the waitlist at Fuqua. I thought applying for business school was stressful. Being on the waitlist is like 10x more stressful. I don’t know if I should start planning to be a student next year at a school or plan to be a re-applicant. My hope is that it is the first one rather than a last one. I think I realize more and more that Duke is where I really want to be. The culture of the school appeals to me the more I hear people talk about it. Also I am not a fan of cold weather so not being on the East Coast is also a big plus in Duke’s favor!

I’m also still waiting on YALE

Yale is worse because I was waitlisted without an interview so it is a pretty high chance that I will be denied, unless they come and interview me. I am thankful that all my Yale SOM friends helped me through this process. I think I have a Yale SOM mafia supporting my business school efforts. The great thing about the school is that people really seem to support one another and there is definitely a community. I was welcomed into the community and I don’t even go to the school. I would love to be an official part of the school, so the admissions people should just let me in already.

I was accepted to one other school, but don’t know if I will take it. After much consideration I realized that the school may not be as great a fit as I originally thought and being on the waitlist makes you reconsider things…like I would be mad if someone who got into Duke went even though that is not where they really wanted to be. So I don’t want to be that person.

So it looks like I may be a re-applicant. If this is the case I would apply early decision wherever possible and first round everywhere else. I definitely couldn’t wait another year to figure out what I am going to do with my life. The only benefit of this is that I might be eligible for some MONEY the next time around.

In non-MBA news work has been hectic. We are gearing up for summer which means lots of working until 11pm nights. I am also in the process of finishing a class at the community college near my house, all of this equals no time for myself and especially no time to BLOG.

So I decided to stop complaining and take a trip! I am super excited. I am going to spend two weeks away from work and away from the cares and worries of business school. Who knows maybe when I get back from my trip I will know what I am doing in the fall. One could only hope.


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Sacrifice and Discpline?

I took the day off from work yesterday to really concentrate on studying for the GMAT. My plan was to study for 8 straight hours only taking a break to eat lunch and go to the bathroom. Well that plan failed miserably. I realized yesterday that I have the concentration of a 5 year old and was only able to complete all eight hours of studying by promising myself a donut afterwards (Food rewards are the best!.

I finally made it through all my MGMAT strategy books, but I still need to go back and review a couple of concepts I’m having trouble with. According to my last practice GMAT this is everything and anything math related. I took my 3rd practice GMAT this weekend and did HORRIBLY on math. I was thrown off by the first two problems and never recovered. I do not want this to happen come GMAT day. I have to learn how to leave problems in the past and concentrate on the problem in front of me. In other news, I increased my Verbal percentage by some crazy numbers, which I find to be hilarious since I have been avoiding my MGMAT verbal guides. Given that I am a poet (a person with a non-quant academic background) I know that potential business schools will not look favorably upon a totally lopsided verbal/quant split, so its back to quant studying I go.

Yesterday, while I was at the library slaving away over my GMAT books, my mind came upon the meaning of GMAT. I feel it really isn’t about the score, but rather schools want to see if you are willing to sacrifice your friends, your hobbies and maybe even your hygiene to get a good score on this one little test. Thus far I have been willing to sacrifice the first two, but I love my showers too much to give them up for anything 🙂


The next two weeks is going to be quite busy for me, my only hope is that I come out the other side without any type of major illness or injury, if I can do that then I will consider my life a success. Here is what I’ll be doing just in case  you’re interested:

Today (Tuesday): Duke University (Fuqua Info Session @ 7pm at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis)

Wednesday: Test in my Economics class

Thursday: May take the day off to study for GMAT (TBD)

Friday-Sunday: LA/Palm Springs for one of my best friends’ wedding!!!

Friday: Practice test before the rehearsal dinner? I hope so.

Monday: Relaxation day-Movies and maybe a message(NO PRACTICE TEST!!!)

Tuesday: 11am GDAY

Friday-Saturday: Preview weekend at Olin!!

Sunday-Monday: Preview weekend at Simon??

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