Recommendation Update 2

My supervisors have scheduled a meeting to make sure they aren’t duplicating comments on my recommendation. Have I mentioned I have the best bosses ever and the best job ever!


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Recommendation Information

As I mentioned in previous post I was very fortunate that my recommendors  approached me to ask for information about writing my letters of recommendation and not the other way around. In order to aid them in the process I put together a information packet (adapted from a template one of my friends who is using a consultant was kind enough to let me borrow). In the packet I made sure to include:

  1. Why I want an MBA?
  2. What I plan to do after I receive my degree.
  3. Key projects I had worked on during my time at the company.
  4. Schools I am applying to
  5. How each school would contact them
  6. Updated Resume

Also, since I am applying through the consortium I made sure to include a brief paragraph on what the Consortium is and why I am applying through the program. In the letter I wrote them I made sure that my personality shined through. I am fortunate that these individuals know me really well which means they are also very familiar with my sense of humor and it would be so unlike me if I didn’t include a joke or two in my letter to them about the joys of the application process.

I’m pretty sure all of them will get the recommendation in on time, especially one of my supervisors who is always amazingly  punctual, but I’ll be sure to give a little reminder a week out just to make sure.

Now the hardest process will be deciding what to buy for thank you gifts. Maybe I will take a cue from my summer interns and have trees planted in their name 🙂

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The Final Application List

Now that the school visits are done I have managed to narrow down my school list considerably. So without further adew… in no particular order I will be applying to:





-Washington University in St. Louis


For four of the schools (Tuck, Yale, Washington U, Emory) I will be applying through the Consortium, so my hope is that I save some time in the essay writing process and also save money in terms of application fees.

This whole business school process has been way more intense then I could have ever imagined. I am very happy that I took my Business School Extravaganza trip and went to see all my potential schools. I can now write clearly about why I want to attend each of the institutions and why I think I would be a good fit at each of them. The trip also really help cement the fact that I want to go to business school, I really loved the time I spent in the classrooms the discussions with the current students and other applicants. I can see myself at business school, now hopefully the feeling is mutual with at least one school. I also became really good at trip planning, so if this whole MBA thing doesn’t work out I think I am going to go into business as an MBA tour guide.

I have started writing my essays, but after I take the GMAT one last time and finish my MacroEcon final I will devote my whole heart and soul into the process. I don’t worry about writing about myself, I now have a clear idea about why I want an MBA and what I hope to accomplish with the degree. Plus, thankfully words have always come easy to me, I feel the only essay writing difficulty will be making sure I stay within the word limits 🙂

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School Visits

Next week is it, the big business school extravaganza travel adventure. $1,204 will take me to 4 (Kinda 5) schools with a stop off to visit my bestie in New York. I will be visiting:
I will also be heading back to HBS…not because I’ve changed my mind, but because I will be looking at a student created tech company on behalf of my firm.
In an effort to keep all the school details straight I will be taking copious notes and hopefully sharing them on here.

Still studying. I learned a really great tip from the Beat the GMAT forum about going back to the problems you got wrong 2 days later and reviewing them again to make sure you really got the concept that has been the best tip ever!

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Business School Extravaganza

I haven’t posted for a while, that’s what happens when life takes over.
Couple of updates:
Received the official copy or my GMAT score which showed my score for writing (91%). It also showed the schools I had chosen to send the report to…so its funny my school choices have changed since I took the test. Good thing I’m testing again.
I have planned the bigges

t and best tour of

East Coast business schools, a tour I have nicknamed my Business School Extrava

ganza. I will post the exact tour details once I’m in front of a proper computer. I am so excited for this trip and hope that it will (a) help me gather some really great information for my essays and (b) help me eliminate some schools from my list.
I am currently using the Beat the GMAT 60 day study guide. I like that it emails me each morning and tells me what to study that day. Sometimes I like people telling me what to do. 🙂 I am also using Magoosh an online test prep company that is AMaZing if anyone is interested I will write a review on my Magoosh experience.
I have paid for what will hopefully be my last GMAT ever. It is for sometime in December, but I am not revealing the date because the pressure of everyone knowing is more stress than I need.
So that’s my life how is yours?

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Trying to be perfect, but failing kinda hard

Brief nostalgic story: As a child I read the book Matilda, where main character (Matilda)  is really smart, but her family doesn’t appreciate her intelligence and her school is horrible, so instead of learning the normal way she vows to read every book at her local library and she succeeds.  Inspired by Matilda and not realizing at the time how impossible this task was, I too vowed to  read every book in my school library and spent all my recesses, and lunchtimes in the library at school . On the bus home from school I would read, at the dinner table I would read and instead of doing my homework I would read. Unfortunately, I did not succeed in my goal  and actually almost failed 2nd grade in the process (because of not doing my homework). For a long time (a couple of months, which is a long time for a little kid) I was disappointed in my failed attempt and didn’t really realize how much I had actually accomplished on my journey.  I had read at least a 100 books and learned about all sorts of things, such as how to take care of your hamster and the various species of butterfly that live in North America. I tested at the 5th grade reading level, which my teacher’s thought was amazing and I became a master at spelling, a skill which I unfortunately no longer posses.

Today after being tutored in GMAT math by one of my amazingly brilliant co-workers, who is also  an awesome tutor  happens to run an online tutoring company (it pays to be connected:) ) I again felt like the little second grader on that endless mission towards a goal which is impossible to reach. I thought to myself, no matter how much I study all the MGMAT books, watch all the Magoosh videos (which are great by the way) I will never be as smart as folks like my co-worker or even my MGMAT instructor and for a second had a moment of self-pity. Then I realized that the purpose of studying for the GMAT or any other attempt in life, is not to achieve someone else’s goal, rather it is to be the best you that you can possibly be, which sounds really corny, but I feel that it is really true.

With that said I am going to get back to studying in the aim of not only kicking the GMAT’s butt, but also suprising myself on how truly intelligent I really am. 🙂


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Things not to do before the GMAT…

Just sat for my first official GMAT and I must say it went horribly, but every setback is a learning experience. Here is what I learned:

Three out of state trips in the two weeks leading up to the GMAT not a good idea
Lots of Tequilla the weekend before the GMAT really bad idea, esp for me, because I don’t usually drink
An out of town wedding the weekend before the GMAT where hot french guys will pressure you to drink more alcohol than you ever have before and stay up to 3 in the morning, may be fun, but a really really bad idea.
Bringing along MGMAT on road trips=good idea
Not actually opening them=bad idea
Telling lots of people about your test day= really bad idea when you do really bad

I am going to call this test a $300 practice (I paid an additional $50 to change my test date). Will take it again in December hopefully under a lot better more sane circumstances.

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