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Congrats on Ross and Consortium admit

Two posts in one day!

I just want to say Congrats to my friend M. who found out a little while ago that she got into both the consortium and Ross. She worked super hard and was so deserving. Hopefully she will share some of the scoop from Consortium Orientation Program (OP) with me since I won’t have the chance to participate. Congrats M.


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Joint Session Re-Cap

The joint session between Cornell, Yale, NYU Stern, Fuqua Cal and Tuck was awesome!
This Atlanta info session had a very different vibe then the sessions I have previously attended in San Francisco. The room was very diverse and had almost an equal grouping of men and women.
For the session each of the school reps took turns giving a general overview of the various parts of the application process from Essays to Interview.

Here are some new takeaway points:
*The optional essay DOES NOT need to be an essay. Actually it should just be bullet points that explain the special circumstances you you exerienced.

*For Essays: Get feedback from people who know you well to make sure the essay reflects your true self. Also get feedback from people who don’t know you well to make sure that they understand you career and academic progression.

*For interviews: Find out who conducts the interviews for the schools you are looking at, I.e. 2nd year students, alumni or admissions officers. Then plan to have follow-up questions after the interview that is suited specifically to them.

*For interviews: Make sure you don’t spend too much time on your first few questions because then your interviewer won’t be able to get to ask you all the questions on their list. Therefor they will not be able to give the admissions commitee a full overview of you as a candidate.

*For interviews: find out what information your interviewer is comming into the interview with. Have they seen your full application, or will they just have your resume. This will help you understand how you need to shape your interview answers. If you ask the school they will tell you this information.

*For interviews: when answering a question use the SAR method
  Speak with specific annecdotes
  Action-tell about the specific actions you took
  Results-what was the outcome
*About the Consortium
-schools can see your rankings
– Where they really matter is when schools hand out fellowships, since schools only have a certain amount of dollars to handout.

I am attending the Consortium MAPS event on Saturday will be sure to share all the insights I gain from that event here.

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My Journey thus far…

Richard B. at Ellipsing My Way…to Business school had a great first post about what he had done thus far on his path to MBA, so I thought I would borrow/steal his idea, with a slight little twist.

This is my list:

Decided to pursue a joint MBA/MPH (still debating whether I may sacrfice the MPH for a concentration in health management)

Signed up and completed the first 2 sessions of my MGMAT class-these classes are no joke when it comes to homework. Actually I think the weekly homework is double what I had in high school.

Told my bosses that I am going to apply this year. -They actually checked in with me to make sure I was still applying 🙂 I have awesome bosses

Narrowed down my B-school list-although after each and every B-school fair this list grows again.

Attended Kaplan’s Road to Business School event and a couple of other grad school fairs.

Decided to apply through the Consortium (for the schools on my list who are members)- The Consortium is a great program for those who support increasing the number of underrepresented individuals at b-schools (women, and people of color).

Bought 4 books on the B-school application process-  I’ll list these later along with my review of each.

Bought a paper planner- I figured between all the GMAT homework and B-school information sessions, my usual online calendering wouldn’t be sufficent, therefor I decided to kick-it old school and invest in a paper planner. Even though it is super cute it makes me feel like I am back in college. Which brings me to my last thing…

Enrolled in MacroEconomics- upon review of my transcript I realized how quant-lacking I actually was and decided to sign up for a class to close this deficiency. This maybe wasn’t the best idea as I am also taking the MGMAT class and two together are proving extremely time consuming.

I think that’s it…



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