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Invited to interview at Tepper and Fuqua

YES I am alive! And I was invited to interview and CMU Tepper and Duke Fuqua! I was so excited to receive the Duke Interview invite because I put the most of myself into those essays. So if Duke hadn’t invited me I would’ve felt direct rejection, but thankfully that didn’t happen.
So I will be making the trip up to Pittsburgh to interview with Tepper oncampus during their Women’s weekend.
I will be interviewing with Duke out here in San Francisco since I have visited campus once and at this point in the process am really low on funds.
So very excited. I promise promise to write an overview of both interviews.


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They Should Have a Support Group for this….

I admit it I have a problem. An obsession an addiction even and it is not healthy.

When I started this MBA process 10 years ago (Not 10 years, but at this point that is what it seems like), I thought the hardest part would be studying for the GMAT. I was wrong. The hardest part is waiting to receive an interview invite. Every morning I wake up and scour my inbox for any sign of an invitation, any glimpse of hope an email from the school might give me and every morning I am greatly disappointed. Then I proceed to look at the message boards to see if anyone from the schools I applied to received an interview invite, if they did I repeat step one of the process and re-check my email for any sign of an invite. If people who are applying for schools that I didn’t apply to, like Cornell recieve an interview invite I secretly wish that I had applied to that school because THEN I would have heard back by now.

It is a serious problem it is affecting my relationship with others and my productivity at work. I admit I am powerless over interview decisions! The funny thing is according to the schools websites none of them are suppose to release interview invites until next week, so I am being super obsessive about it for no reason.

I had my interview for Tuck over a month ago so that is one school I won’t have to worry about, but waiting for the other schools to contact is causing me to age like 20 years overnight!

Just a recap I am waiting to hear from






Someone, please anyone email me.


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