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Update on the WAIT…

Sorry it has been far too long, but life happens.

Cheetarah1980 and others have asked for updates and since I started this journey with you all I feel it is only right to finish it.

Here is what has happened since I’ve been gone…

 Still Waiting for Duke

I am still on the waitlist at Fuqua. I thought applying for business school was stressful. Being on the waitlist is like 10x more stressful. I don’t know if I should start planning to be a student next year at a school or plan to be a re-applicant. My hope is that it is the first one rather than a last one. I think I realize more and more that Duke is where I really want to be. The culture of the school appeals to me the more I hear people talk about it. Also I am not a fan of cold weather so not being on the East Coast is also a big plus in Duke’s favor!

I’m also still waiting on YALE

Yale is worse because I was waitlisted without an interview so it is a pretty high chance that I will be denied, unless they come and interview me. I am thankful that all my Yale SOM friends helped me through this process. I think I have a Yale SOM mafia supporting my business school efforts. The great thing about the school is that people really seem to support one another and there is definitely a community. I was welcomed into the community and I don’t even go to the school. I would love to be an official part of the school, so the admissions people should just let me in already.

I was accepted to one other school, but don’t know if I will take it. After much consideration I realized that the school may not be as great a fit as I originally thought and being on the waitlist makes you reconsider things…like I would be mad if someone who got into Duke went even though that is not where they really wanted to be. So I don’t want to be that person.

So it looks like I may be a re-applicant. If this is the case I would apply early decision wherever possible and first round everywhere else. I definitely couldn’t wait another year to figure out what I am going to do with my life. The only benefit of this is that I might be eligible for some MONEY the next time around.

In non-MBA news work has been hectic. We are gearing up for summer which means lots of working until 11pm nights. I am also in the process of finishing a class at the community college near my house, all of this equals no time for myself and especially no time to BLOG.

So I decided to stop complaining and take a trip! I am super excited. I am going to spend two weeks away from work and away from the cares and worries of business school. Who knows maybe when I get back from my trip I will know what I am doing in the fall. One could only hope.


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They Should Have a Support Group for this….

I admit it I have a problem. An obsession an addiction even and it is not healthy.

When I started this MBA process 10 years ago (Not 10 years, but at this point that is what it seems like), I thought the hardest part would be studying for the GMAT. I was wrong. The hardest part is waiting to receive an interview invite. Every morning I wake up and scour my inbox for any sign of an invitation, any glimpse of hope an email from the school might give me and every morning I am greatly disappointed. Then I proceed to look at the message boards to see if anyone from the schools I applied to received an interview invite, if they did I repeat step one of the process and re-check my email for any sign of an invite. If people who are applying for schools that I didn’t apply to, like Cornell recieve an interview invite I secretly wish that I had applied to that school because THEN I would have heard back by now.

It is a serious problem it is affecting my relationship with others and my productivity at work. I admit I am powerless over interview decisions! The funny thing is according to the schools websites none of them are suppose to release interview invites until next week, so I am being super obsessive about it for no reason.

I had my interview for Tuck over a month ago so that is one school I won’t have to worry about, but waiting for the other schools to contact is causing me to age like 20 years overnight!

Just a recap I am waiting to hear from






Someone, please anyone email me.


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The Final Application List

Now that the school visits are done I have managed to narrow down my school list considerably. So without further adew… in no particular order I will be applying to:





-Washington University in St. Louis


For four of the schools (Tuck, Yale, Washington U, Emory) I will be applying through the Consortium, so my hope is that I save some time in the essay writing process and also save money in terms of application fees.

This whole business school process has been way more intense then I could have ever imagined. I am very happy that I took my Business School Extravaganza trip and went to see all my potential schools. I can now write clearly about why I want to attend each of the institutions and why I think I would be a good fit at each of them. The trip also really help cement the fact that I want to go to business school, I really loved the time I spent in the classrooms the discussions with the current students and other applicants. I can see myself at business school, now hopefully the feeling is mutual with at least one school. I also became really good at trip planning, so if this whole MBA thing doesn’t work out I think I am going to go into business as an MBA tour guide.

I have started writing my essays, but after I take the GMAT one last time and finish my MacroEcon final I will devote my whole heart and soul into the process. I don’t worry about writing about myself, I now have a clear idea about why I want an MBA and what I hope to accomplish with the degree. Plus, thankfully words have always come easy to me, I feel the only essay writing difficulty will be making sure I stay within the word limits 🙂

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50 points, a Trip and Harvard

The past two weeks have been somewhat intense, but there is a lot of good happening on my path to B-School greatness. First of all I am so excited that my boss’ niece who is also applying for business school will be volunteering at my office. We have already been comparing our b-school application and GMAT notes. It is great to have someone to vent to throughout this process.

GMAT Score

I took my 2nd practice GMAT and increased my overall score by 50 points. Although, I was hoping for a bigger overall increase, 50 points is  definitely  something to be excited about. While I was taking the test it felt as though I was making a lot more mistakes on this practice test then I did on the first one, but I am glad I came up ahead.I actually kept repeating to myself is it possible to get dumber in a month through the course. Hahah, worst way to build my confidence.

The main thing I learned from doing this practice test is that I need to further master the concepts I am learning in my MGMAT course. I think learning a theory only half way (like only partially understanding how to manipulate exponents) can be worse than not knowing how to deal with exponents at all.

I want to re-focus my study efforts so that I see another 50 point increase on my next practice test at the end of the week.

Business School Diversity Weekends

I am going to Harvard’s Prospective Student’s day next week! It will be held October 13-14. The first day is not officially hosted by the University rather it is sponsored by the African-American and Latino Business Associations. I will be staying on campus in the dorms, it is not a 5 star hotel, but at least I won’t have to worry about finding a cab after the events.

I am super excited because it is my first Diversity Weekend! I promise to blog all about it during and after.

National Black MBA Association Conference

I am in Atlanta this week for the National Black MBA Conference. I attended last year’s conference and was amazed by all the amazing people of color at the event. Not to mention the stars (Idris Elba and Trey Songz made an appearance at last year’s conference). I know, I know I don’t have my MBA yet, but there is also a concurrent track that offers information for students who are looking to apply for their MBA.

My goal this week is to still try and get some GMAT study time in, but I am in Atlanta, so I know my overall study time will not be what it usually is for the week. I tried to study my Idioms on my flight this morning, but I kept falling asleep half way through 🙂

Best Purchase Ever: Sentence Correction Bible

This book is Amazing! It should be called Grammar for Dummies! If you are like me and have no idea what a gerund (a verb used as a noun with an -ing form), this book is for you. I know it will help me improve the number of sentence correction questions I am able to answer correctly.

My Big Fat Info Session

Tomorrow I will be attending a joint information session in Atlanta, hosted by Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Yale, NYU, and UC Berkeley. Since this event is super close to where I am staying I thought I would just hop on over and see what further information I can learn about these schools and hopefully meet some more alumni.

Lots to post about this week. Stay tuned.

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I’m Famous and some thoughts…

So I was pretty excited to see I was quoted on the Accepted.com blog, especially because I read their blog religiously. However, I just wanted to clear up one thing.

Todd King, whose articles I have found extremely helpful, got one part of my story wrong when he said, “her opinions—concerned about one school’s “obsession” with its teaching philosophy, “super-excited” about the “underrated” other—seem pretty strong for someone who hasn’t visited those schools”. I have in fact visited Yale SOM, attended the information sessions and sat in on one of the classes. I was also extremely fortunate that one of our really awesome summer interns, was currently studying at the school and took the opportunity to introduce me to some of her friends.

I do, however agree with the point of Todd’s piece. It is absolutely important to visit the school and not just use the information session to be your determining factor. Although, I do think if a school is on your most likely not list a information session would be the best tool to help you decide if they move to the Absolutely Not pile or the maybe.  Let’s be real, at the end of the day business school visits are not only expensive they are also extremely time consuming and no one not even Bill Gates’ children has enough time or money to visit every b-school in existence.

Coincidentally, the last information session I attended for Stanford was a big factor in finally making the decision to take the school off of my list. The session was in the same style of Yale, auditorium, except Stanford had an alumni panel where students talked about their experience at the school. I don’t know about you, but personally I feel you can learn a lot about the school from their alumni (it’s like you can learn a lot a person from the friends they keep). Stanford’s Director of Admissions did a great job selling the school and I especially love the clip he played from Steve Jobs’ convocation address  at the school. Where the presentation lost me was the alumni panel. I connected a little with the alumni when they each told their stories of studying abroad, but then the spark went out and I was lost for the rest of the hour.

I was also  a little (OK a LOT) disappointed by the lack of diversity in the room.  I may have missed someone, but from where I was sitting the Director of Admissions and I were the only African Americans in the whole auditorium. I do understand that b-school is not going to look like an episode of Girlfriends (I miss that show). However, I do expect to have some other folks who reflect the general population of the US (if not the world) in a classroom with me and I am scared that if Stanford can’t attract them to the info session how are they going to get them to apply to the school.

That’s all for today. Will be attending a work fundraiser/dinner, but I am planning on skipping out early to make sure I have some study time.

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Business Schools’ Diversity Weekends Dates

Listing of Business Schools Diversity Weekend Dates
(if you know of any additional schools hosting diversity weekends please leave the information in the comments section)

Wharton (University of Pennsylvania)
Explore Wharton
September 22-Septmeber 23
* No application 🙂
For More information click here

University of Michigan (Ross)
UpClose 2011
September 30-October 1, 2011
Application Deadline:?
For More information click here

Ross Empowering Women
October 21, 2011
Application Deadline: ?

Cornell University
Johnson Means Business
October 27-29,2011
For more information click here

Carnegie Mellon University
Connections Weekend
October 28-30, 2011
For more information click here

Duke University (Fuqua)
2011 Duke MBA Weekend for Women
November 3-6, 2011
Application Deadline: October 3, 2011

2011 Duke MBA Workshop for Minority Applicants
November 17-20, 2011
Application Deadline: October 17, 2011
For More information click here

Washington University in St. Louis (Olin)
Olin Preview Weekend
November 4-5, 2011
*No formal application
For More information click here

Indiana University (Kelly)
Kelly In Focus
November 4-6, 2011
Application Deadline: October 28, 2011
For More information click here

Yale (SOM)
Explore Diversity
November 6-November 7, 2011
Application Deadline: October 14, 2011 by 5:00pm EST
For More information click here

Emory (Goizeuta)
Inside Goizueta 2011
November 10-12, 2011
Application Deadline: November 4, 2011
For More information click here

Dartmouth (Tuck)
Tuck Diversity Conference
November 10-13, 2011
Application Deadline: October 14, 2011
For More information click here

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B-School Diversity Weekends

I am really interested in attending the various B-schools Diversity Weekends, or at least applying to attend. However,  the process for some of the schools seems almost b-school app equivalent. Isn’t the purpose of these weekends to find out whether or not the school is a good fit? If that is the case, how am I going to write an application about Why (Insert School name here)? BEFORE I have even visited! Who thinks that they should elimnate the Diversity Weekend application process? This would then give us more time to focus on our ACTUAL applications and studying for the GMAT.

SO, that being said I app boycotting all the Diversity Weekends that require me to answer that question and I may even take those schools off my potential schools list just because they had the audacity to ask me that question.

With that one important note, the Diversity Weekends I am hoping to attend are:

  • Yale (my first choice school)
  • Olin (no application!-AUTOMATIC Acceptance)
  • Emory
  • Wharton
  • Tuck
  • Ross (potentially)

I will keep you guys posted on my Diversity Weekend application progress. Anyone else planning to attend and Diversity Weekends? If so, which ones?

PS. If you know of any schools who just have an AMAZING Diversity Weekend let me know. Like if  a school is known for giving out little puppies as favors  (Bridesmaids) then I will so crash the event. I am not above doing that ya’ll, seriously.

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